"As martial arts instructors, we need to protect ourselves from becoming charlatans within a make believe world. I recall a wonderful quote from an old Japanese Aikido Sensei many years ago who said, “Anyone who calls himself a master, isn’t.” "

Running A Dojo, Adam Mitchell


Strategies for growing your Dojo without compromising your core values or minimizing the integrity of your art. Build your Dojo the right way.

How to manage your student base


Daily and ongoing management of your school can be overwhelming.  This site will help you implement operations that boost your retention and limit work load.


Don't be fooled by business gurus selling another profit center for your business. Success in a Dojo involves personal clarity in your mission and follow through. 


Inbound Method Part 1

Gurus Step Aside​ In this article I'd like to introduce you to a marketing model that has not yet been discovered by the martial arts industry but will completely change the face of how traditional school owners pursue success if used correctly. By name, inbound marketing is relatively new coming from the online and digital marketing space, but conceptually it's a market [...]

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Managing Your Online Reputation

Build your online reputation based on confidence, acceptance of criticism and appreciation of honesty. Bend to nobody and remember, when emotions rise, intelligence drops. Stay cool. Sounds like a few good rules in life to follow, but these are pretty much all you need to know about managing the online reviews of your business. While many small business owners lose their cool a [...]

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Persona, What Every School Owner Thinks They Have

But most don't. Marketing systems start with personas and chances are you have neither. I hope you do, but statistics say you don't have either. When it comes to the online marketing of your martial arts school and promotion of your services, there are a battery of formulas you can put out there; blog posts, info-graphics, white papers, etc. While the combinations of conte [...]

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Spartans of Applesauce

As a parent of four little kids, I can tell you how much the GogoSqueez product is valued in my kitchen. Actually, my wife and I usually get two cases of it every time we shop. They love the stuff. And why not... Here's a US based company that's making a tasty product. As a parent, it's easy for me to get my kids a healthy snack, that's US manufactured and affordable. Plus, [...]

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Facebook Friday. Focus On Basics

One of the most important, (and repeated) terms I heard over and over from my Sensei in Japan was 'focus on basics'. Practice does not make perfect, especially in the world of marketing online, where the environments and technology change so rapidly. But if your basics, your foundational framework is solid - both in your skill set AND commitment to practice - then your ability [...]

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Local Search Mastery 1, Size and Intent

Having your martial arts school found on search engines can be a dark, confusing place for most school owners. They know they need to be seen there and simply think that having a website up will do the trick. This is the most common mistake I see business owners make when they step into the web with the keys to their business in hand. Let me rephrase, thinking that putting a w [...]

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